An analytical venture into fame and the top Universities of the English-speaking world.

success of top ten schools by year (cumulative)
success of top ten schools by year (cumulative)

You always see those rankings online, the ones that tell you what the top ten colleges this year are. All the lists are similar but slightly different, and it is always unclear how they created their ranking.

I decided to use Wikipedia to make my own ranking: based off the counts of people on Wikipedia that attended a given University. Unsurprisingly, many Ivies and other famous schools were on the list. Harvard was in the lead, but not every entry was so expected. …

In Which I Teach Jon Snow to Build a Naive Bayes Classifier

Game of Thrones collection
Game of Thrones collection
Image by simisi1 from Pixabay

Welcome, Jon Snow, welcome. Here on the far side of the Wall, we have traditions you southerners wouldn’t believe… like our handy- dandy wildling Naive Bayes Classifier! It is a simple machine learning algorithm that can differentiate between categories. And I, the three- eyed raven, would be more than happy to teach you how to build one.

In the following article, I will walk through the steps to create this Naive Bayes algorithm, and by the end it will be able to read a chapter of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and guess which of…

Quinn Theobald

Loves data science, books, and theatre. Cornell ‘22.

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